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Trish has over fifteen years experience that she can use in a reading to provide you with an accurate forecast for the near future. Trish likes to make sure her clients leave satisfied at the end of the reading, so just let her know what kind of reading you are looking for... she can make sure you are smiling at the end.

Trish has been giving guidance to clients by using the Tarot and her psychic abilities for a decade and half! This experience gives her style of reading a sense of professional and proficiency. Her training came from studying her craft with international and well-known teachers. She has also honed her skills and understanding of the psychic worlds by attending development circles.

Trish will give you a month by month forecast for the year ahead and also a general reading on the important areas of life including work, finances and relationships. She is also a student of astrology for many years and will incorporate this into the reading if you so request. She is happy to focus on any specific questions you have to find the answers for you.

Freecall 24 hrs on 1800 024 024
20 minute readings $69 inc GST


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Trish made me feel at ease and comfortable from the start. She pulled the tarots and gave me an overall of the months ahead which was very enlightening and accurate to my situation. I look forward to things unfolding in the near future. Definitely recommend a reading with Trish. Thanks again.
LC from Sydney

The first reading I had with Trish was so comprehensive and loaded with information and her predictions also turned out to be amazingly accurate!She predicted a quick positive outcome about a difficult situation at work and it happened within days of her speaking to me. At the time it did not seem possible.I have had readings a couple of times with Trish and am constantly amazed how some of the things she says have meaning a few days or weeks later when her predictions turn up in unusual ways.Thank you Trish for your amazing information and insight and for your wonderful positive encouragement.
JM from NSW

Trish has a lovely, gentle, caring manner and talking with her feels easy and comfortable. She got straight to the heart of what was troubling me and gave me great insight and clarity to the situation. She is very encouraging and gently reminded me to keep a positive outlook. If half of what you said transpires, then I will be really delighted. I definitely recommend a reading with her. Trish - thank you.
CN from Sydney

Trish gave me a reading the other night and once again no mucking around straight to the heart of things. She told me l would be traveling soon, which is correct and she could she new opportunity in career. She also pick up on a lot of personal issues. Trish has read for me before l find her to be accurate and keeps going with the reading not asking to many questions giving you the information. This is a positive reader gives you the information rather than you telling them. Thanks Trish .
Muriel McIntosh from Melbourne

Trish is simply the BEST!!! She is right on the money and very accurate. Awesome reader!! Things Trish has said have already happen. She is very honest and won't tell you what you want to hear. One very sincere lady. From your No: 1 Fan. Cath xx :o)
CP from NSW

Thanks so much for the reading today Trish . There was so much information coming through I couldn't write fast enough. There was so much detail around my specific question and you really honed in on the specifics. I feel a lot more confident about my career choices now and I am looking forward to seeing where this all heads in the next twelve months. Thanks again!
Simone from QLD

Trish gave me the best news/reading for next year. I am in a buzz! I am so much looking forward for the future with all the things she had told me. She is an excellent reader and her accuracy of what she knows about me astonishes me. She was reading me like a book!
She is very honest lady and surely will have a chat with her again and recommend her to others for a reading. Thank you so much Trish.
Rissa from NT

Hi Trish, All I can say you are honest and to the point. You are not talking to make people feel good. I wish I had you skills. All I am trying to do is get a positon in work I love.

What a lovely reader. Trish is very honest. She's informative & is so lovely & gentle to speak with. Very approachable lady.
AC from NSW

Trish is AMAZING...she is so down to earth non judgemental and her predictions are spot on. I have had multiple readings over the years from Trish and she never dissapoints me. I could spend all day on the phone with her, a beautiful natured lady.
J. from QLD

Trish is amazing... her guidance and predictions are 100% correct along with the timing given. I have had numerous readings over the years and since discovering trish abilities I only utilise her to guide me. She is genuine and her personality its bubbly, to the point no matter how down you are feeling she always leaves you feeling happy after a reading. Trish has predicted career opportunities for me and has been spot on with the point when contact will come from my partner. 100% genuine.
JO from NSW

Thank you Trish for yet another great reading. Always informative, friendly & genuine. She doesn't hesitate to give you the truth. Gentle & humble. Very lovely to talk to & has excellent understanding of how to interpret tarot cards. Have had a few readings now & always of great benefit.

I just had a reading with Trish and she really helped alleviate a lot of hurt and anxiety that I have been going through lately. I feel so much more positive and looking forward to the future! Thank you so much Trish. Warm wishes MM from SYDNEY

Trish gave her reading with clarity and her use of intuition is so on the mark with her interpreatation of her knowing. A power packed session leaving you with a confident feeling of having information and guidance to consider aas your way forward. I would recommend Trish and will certainly talk with her in the future.

I'm so amazed by Trish's accuracy in her readings. Back in 2019 she did a 6 month reading for me- she said January the air quality would be bad and it was due to all the fires in 2020, March would stall business and it did due to covid, she said my relationship at that time would get better and it did, I went through happy times and hard times and whenever I looked back at my notes from her reading, I was so amazed at everything that came true - now I have just had another reading and she picked up on my direction in life so quickly, can't wait to see how this reading plays out over the next 6 months. Much love to you Trish.
LL from VIC

Love love love Trish! Simple meaningful messages, often don't seem possible at the time of reading but always unfolds within days or weeks or months of her predictions. Timing is usually accurate too. Very humble and kind reader.

Seriously incredible reader. Was told would have a new job offer during that month & received a phone call the following day after my reading with an offer!

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