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Freya is a natural born psychic. Who's strong intuitive abilities have been developed and honed through many years of study and practice in clairvoyance, spiritual healing, massage, and other intuitive fields. Freya also has strong auric sight which aids her to read your energies. She is clear, honest, fun and very correct, with a strong moral compass to help you in your life direction.

Freecall 24 hrs on 1800 024 024
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I just wanted to say that I find that she's extremely honest and accurate. Also really helpful, supportive and encouraging. I would definitely recommend Freya and I have used her several times myself. I find that she's really helpful with both small and big decisions, by helping you find some clarity.
Anonymous Audio Recording

I spoke with Freya. She gave me clear, direct answers. Precise answers. She's honest. What can I say? If you need to some answers, ask for Freya! Anonymous Anonymous Audio Recording

Absolutely astounding! One of the most accurate readers I have 'ever' come across. Has a true talent. One of those readers who once you speak with, you won't want to speak with anyone else. You come away with a sense of peace & confidence. She's an absolute angel & a delight to speak with.
Anon from WA

I just finished a reading with Freya. I found her outstanding and want to say thank you. We were somehow disconnected without being able to say goodbye and thank you. She answered all my questions and I didn't even ask most of them.
JK from NSW

Dear Freya thank you for the wonderful reading, unfortunately the time was up and I did not get say good bye and to thank you. You picked up on alot of things and I think you are very gifted and will take into account what you have told me. Was amazed when you mentioned the cruise as I have been thinking about it for some time now plus other things you told me. Very much appreciated.

Thanks Freya. Your reading was simply amazing. I found the way you do your reading is totally unique but very accurate. She was spot on with my current situation and helped me immensely. Keep up the great work.
L from NSW

I asked for a Spiritual reading late yesterday afternoon and Freya was so kind and gentle but told me exactly what she was getting from my guides without asking any questions from me. I was astounded how positive and helpful Freya's reading was and how she connected with my past & present thoughts and also gave me healing tools. I definitely recommend Freya to anyone who is stuck by long term stress or trauma who feels unable to more forward. I will definitely call Freya again, a true spiritual psychic, the best reading I have ever had. Thankyou Freya.
F. from Australia

i just had a reading with Freya and it was the best reading ive ever had in my life. Shes honest very tuned in, very caring and spot on in what she picks up on. I found this time very helpful and inspiring. I definitely reccommend her and i feel very excited about trusting my own intuition again. Xx

I did a reading with her, she was simply amazing and very accurate. And also very unique.
Corrinne B. from VIC

I had a general reading with Freya today and it truly resonated on every level. I didn't tell her anything, I allowed for Freya to pick up on what she needed to and it was amazing. She truly identified my current energies and things I know are imminent. Truly appreciated my reading with Freya. Genuine gift, one which is amazing at that.
Lauren from Melbourne

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Freya, you are the most accurate psychic I've ever come across for myself.
Lorie from Melbourne

Freya is amazing an absolute gem! she has helped me through a very tough couple of years where I needed guidance. She is kind, compassionate, funny and has been truly accurate on so many things. The best thing is her unwavering support and the way she makes you feel uplifted and inspired after speaking with her. A truly beautiful spirit.

Thank you so much, Freya, for your kind and gentle reading - it was just what I needed to hear in a calm and and reassuring way. I agree with others before that Freya is an absolute gem. I really appreciated my reading with Freya. Thank you again. Blessings on you, Freya.
CN from NSW

Thank you so much Freya for your reading today! Freya brought me the relief and peace of mind that I had hoped for. She really zoned in on the issues I was dealing with and I can not be more grateful that I came across this site and was able to get some clarity on the spot. I highly recommend anyone who is hesitant about spending the money for a phone reading.
KP from QLD

Thank you Freya - It was an excellent and very tuned-in reading. It gave me a lot of clarity. You were spot on with everything you said.

I've had numerous readings with Freya & a couple of days ago I had one of the best readings ever. I was experiencing a moral dilemma & could not see through it clearly due to fear. Freya helped me to understand the fear which in turn has allowed me to make the right decision from my higher self. I'm now able to move forward with courage. Thank you Freya for your honesty, lack of judgement & patience. If I could be half the beautiful soul you are, I would be delighted. Much love to you

Freya is one of the best, if not the best, readers I have come across. She works by reading your aura and describes your situation clearly. She doesn't hold back and sugar coat which is what you'd expect in a psychic reading, yet she's gentle. I had one of the best readings today with her. Top notch. I'm facing a very difficult situation right now and she told me as it was. Everything she said I could validate with. Honestly, you won't disappointed with Freya. Some readers who use tarot cards can get people mixed up based on the cards, so reading one's aura would provide more accuracy.
L from NSW

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