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Christine is a natural medium/clairvoyant and channels messages from spirit as soon as the client is calling.. taking notes and keywords that come in while waiting for the connection. A clients voice activates a clearer channel but information flows easily and she will only say 'what she gets'. Seeing, hearing and sensing is all a part of a reading for the client along with a healing that can help a client relax and refocus. After doing many years of training, teaching, reading, astrology, & spiritual counselling over 40 years, Christine has developed a strong connection with spirit along with a sound moral compass. I aim to help for the highest good.

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Had a good reading from christine, some for the future as in later in the year and early next year. Already part of reading is being developed. I feel confident that the rest will follow have a new burst of vibrance as some of her preditions i needed to here at this time as i was not seeing a very exciting future and can now watch for the 'signs' in the road to direct me where i am to be. Thank you Christine.
Cherry from Perth

Getting a reading from Christine always helps give me clarity, you can ask her anything and she will give you the answer she is being given. Her insight into the future has always helped me, and she becomes very in tune with you and connects into your energy to give you an understanding of what is up and coming, She has been reading for me for over 12 months and i would recommend her everyday of the week.
KV from Melbourne

Christine's a real joy to speak with. She's light-hearted yet unafraid to speak the truth. I like the fact that she's the real deal & is honest & doesn't just say things that you want to hear. I find she at times makes me laugh as she has a great sense of humour & is very personable to deal with. A real credit to The Psychic Club of Australia. Keep doing what you do Christine as you have a gift that's very appreciated!

Christine told ne about an up and coming rail line that was going to go through our town and bring alot of money to all businesses. Being a pessimist i disputed this. Well 3 months on i open up our local newspaper and $50 million has been granted to build the new rail way in ourtown! Christine spot on without a doubt no matter whether its a big questoon or little one! Amazing!

Thanks Christine. You were the right person to talk to right now. In this really challenging time I'm going through, your guidance was incredibly helpful.
T from NSW

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