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Nina's Profile

Empath Nina is an intuitive counsellor and healer with 20 years experience.

3rd generation tasseographer (tea leaf diviner), Nina uses tarot and cartomancy (reading regular playing cards) to focus on you (the querent). Nina will connect with you and assist you to understand what is happening in your life and the choices that are available to you. Freecall 24hrs 1800 024 024

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The first time I have had a reading with Nina and was very impressed. She was accurate, straight to the point and gave clear messages. The best reader I've talked to in a long time.

Really pleasantly surprised at how accurate Nina was. Very friendly & warm reader. Will speak to her again for certain. Lovely soul. Thanks Nina for blessing us with your gift. It was an honour.
ANONYMOUS from QLD and very professional reader. She has the ability to zone in on you without asking lots of questions and gets to the heart of the matter quickly.
Alot of good solid information in 20 minutes. I recommend her to whoever is drawn to her.

Nina picked up on such accurate details about my life, she had my full attention. Nina's reading was one of the best I have had. When answering my questions, Nina was straight to the point, I didn't have to decipher and cryptic messages. I left feeling like I had clarity on the situations in my life and I am very thankful for that . I love you Nina!

I had my first reading with Nina about a month ago. A month later, I needed some guidance with regards to a particular situation, and reached out to her again. I was so surprised to see that her second reading was so similar to the initial one: the general overall theme but also the details around it! It was extremely consistent. Both her readings resonated a lot. I am looking forward to seeing how the things she predicted will unfold going forward. I do recommend Nina for those of you needing some clarity and advice in a moment of doubt. I will surely seek her guidance in the future. Thank you.

I have been getting readings from Nina very regularly over the last 2 years since my husband died. We were both young and it was very sudden and I can honestly say I would not have progressed this far without Ninas help and guidance. I never really tell her how sometimes she says things that confirm that she is in touch with spirit, one thing that comes to mind is that when she thinks of my darling it reminds her of the song :working class man' which was exactly him to a tee. She reads me like a book and her predictions are realistic giving me clarity, direction and understanding about what is in store for me. Her calm and gentle nature make me feel automatically at ease and I know I can tell her anything without fear. Thank you Nina for all you do and all you are and helping me get out of the silo of grief ... its been slow and hard but I know I will always be grateful for having you to help me and guide me with the help of my angels. I look forward to journey through life and making it magnificent and sharing with you along with way. Love and light to you beautiful woman xxx
Louise from Brisbane

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