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Merle's Profile

Merle has over 20 years international experience as a professional psychic and talented empath. A style of reading that produces concise, clear insights whilst remaining unconditional in her understanding to the unique pressures in your life at the time.

Qualifications include: BA studies in philosophy, counselling and social anthropology, with ongoing personal development in many metaphysical disciplines. Merle has extensive life experience that has earned her a deeper wisdom and ability to help others at all chapters of their lives.

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Hello, I have spoken with Merle twice now and I can honestly say that Merle is absolutely amazing. She hones in immediately on whatever is on your mind or whatever your question is and doesn't require any prompting at all. I have spoken with many clairvoyants in my time and I can honestly say that Merle is 100 percent fantastic. She says exactly what she sees and doesn't waver at all. She is so very honest and accurate and I would seriously recommend Her to anyone wanting to speak with a kind and lovely person whom knows exactly what she is on about and is honest and trusts herself. I look forward to her insights coming to fruition and will never hesitate to contact Merle for future readings and guidance.
KU from NSW

First time I spoke with Merle & I extended for a further 20 mins. Will be speaking to her again when I have further questions. Very spot on. Felt so much better after our reading & less nervous moving into the future. Thank you Merle for giving me useful insight. So happy I spoke to you!
LS from WA

I really enjoyed speaking with Merle, had to extend the call twice. Thank you so much for everything!
GH from NSW

Thanks Merle for calming my fears and looking at the big picture. You put my anxious mind at ease .Only wish I'd called you sooner.You gently guide without judgment and for that i am truly grateful Kind regards

Merle is the best Psychic I have every used. She picks up on the situation very quickly and delves into issues other Psychics miss. She doesn't tell me what to do; rather, she gives me the situation for what it is. That is the perfect reader for me! I don't know why I bother to use other Psychics - and only do when I cannot find Merle online! I regret it the very moment I do.
CR from SA

Had another wonderful reading with Merle. Thank you so very much for your insight Merle, I now know the direction I'll be heading in the future is the right one. You said I'd already made up my mind and I guess I had but was looking for confirmation :) We touched on many subjects that were of concern and you eased my over-active mind. You are amazing and I'm forever grateful.
GD from Sydney

I felt Merle tuned in immediately and was completely accurate in her descriptions of the people I needed clarity around. I was able to feel much more settled about my situation and decision making. Thank you Merle.
Jennah from NSW

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