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Avril's intuitive readings have given clarity and insight into many peoples life journeys for 25 years. Her clairaudience, intuitive abilities have kept clients coming back year after year. Avril has a diploma in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and has been teaching energy healing for the past 10 years.

Avril will answer your questions honestly and will directly channel the information you need. You can direct her focus during the readings into the areas of life that concern you most at that time. Avril is open and direct in her style.

We all have a feeling about what we are destined to do, but sometimes we feel the vision of our destiny to be clouded and unclear. An Intuitive reading with Avril will help you to gain real clarity and peace of mind about your future and how to reach your life goals and happiness.

Avril aims to make your life challenges become crystal clear as she brings her unique gift to you. That clarity can help you to navigate your course with far greater ease! Her joy and vitality is contagious. Freecall 24hrs 1.800.240.5224

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I had a reading from Avril and found her to be so completely honest and straight forward. She will tell you what you need to know and will not aid and abet your patterns of sabotage. She made me laugh and blue me away with her accuracy and I felt like I have known her for years. Not only could she see my dream but she gave me the tools to get there. I will most certainly get another reading from her. Thank you Avril.
AAT from QLD

I just had a wonderful reading with Avril. She was able to pick up on the situation completely. She was also able to pick up on people that are close and are helping. Really amazing and true reader and a really nice person too. I definitly recommend Avril.
Thank-you Avril and I will keep in touch and let you know how everything comes together.
Lydia from VIC

I had a reading with Avril on the 19th May 2012. She predicted that l would receive a offer with a job on Tuesday the 22.5.12 just as she said this happened on the day with the offer of the Job! She is brilliant. l will have many more readings with you Avril your the best. MM from Vic
Muriel McIntosh from VIC

I spoke with Avril in February 2012. My question was about when/whether our block of land we had up for sale would sell, as money was becoming a bit of concern. In the present market, particularly in the location our block of land is, we were expecting to wait at least a year for it to sell.
Avril informed me that we would definitely sell our property in a few months' time, in May, 2012. She also said not to accept the first offer, but to accept the second offer. It is now May 2012 and we have just accepted the second offer on our land.
Thanks Avril!
KH from NSW

I had a reading with Avril yesterday and I was trilled with her accuracy. Not only did Avril tune in to where I was now she had great clarity for the future.
I will be getting another reading from her.
Thank you Avril
Sara from WA

I have had 2 readings with Avril now, both times she has picked up quickly on my situation and wasted no time, straight forward and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear,I do hope that the things she sees for me in the upcoming months eventuate. Thankyou for your honesty and clarity.
PB from QLD

Having had more readings than I can recall, often on a weekly basis, can confidently say Avril is not only a very gifted psychic but a very intuned healer, who is honest, open and direct. She is a reader I highly recommend.
Philip from Melbourne

Thank you for your beautiful reading Avril x You gave me clarity to the questions I sought & I look forward to another amazing and solid year ahead. Thank you x You 'tuned' in to my dog sitting by my side with accuracy and to the relationship breakdown with my mother.
After my reading my ears buzzed & vibrated, again, I thank you x Many blessings & gratitude to you.
KUU from NT

I had a reading with Avril tonight and she blew me away with her wonderful reading. I have had lots of readings over the years and this was my first one with Avril. She was amazing and her sense of humor and joy made me feel I had known her for all my life. I shall never get another reading from anyone else and I will join this wonderful club just to have readings with her. I would recommend her to anyone. I am amazed that I have found the best clairvoyant ever. Thank you Avril.
Barbara from QLD

Avril is Amazing. I have never had a reading that was so spot on and then she gave me the tools to get on with my life. I am an Intuitive myself and was drawn to her. She is the best and the most honest. Not just tuning into my thoughts and worries but takes it to a whole new level of Oneness or Awareness. Thank You Avril I shall recommend you to all who need the best clairvoyant in Australia.
Samatha from Perth

I was completely blown away with the reading I had with Avril last week. To top it off I received a job offer I can only say was completely out of the blue. Averils reading was so accurate and she works very quickly. I would highly recommend her and wish to say Thank you

I had a reading with Avril two days ago and I am amazed by her. She was spot on and gave me the insight to move through my worries. I highly recommend Avril. Clear, accurate, down to earth.

Avril is the best. I have just had my second reading with her and she once again hit the nail on the head. She is clear, honest and direct. If you want the best I highly recommend Avril
ANNA from WA

I just had a reading with Avril and she is fantastic. She was spot on and works very fast. The information she gave me made complete sense. I will certainly call Avril again. A score of 12 out of ten. Thank you BELINDA from QLD

Avril is the most amazing reader. I had a reading with Avril in June this year. She predicted times and events that I could not imagine. Both the outcomes she saw have come into my life. Thank you Avril. Highly recommended.
ANNA from WA

Thanks Avril for your honestly and guidance. You always put my mind at ease and dont sugar coat or dramatize and I'm grateful that you share your amazing gift.You always tune into a situation very quickly and give sound advice .kind regards N B from NSW

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