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edgar cayce past life report

After studying the transcripts of hundreds of readings containing astrological information, a professional astrologer was able to develop an analysis of your birth chart as Edgar Cayce's would have analyzed it in his psychic readings.
15 page report by email. $24
astrology life destiny chart

- your destiny in this lifetime
- pre-determined facts about your future
- your soul and its purpose
- the different layers that make up yourself
- your true path of self-expression
- the reasons for your spiritual rebirth
- how to understand yourself
- tendencies in relationships

- probable outcomes for relationships
- 70 page report by email. $24
numerology life destiny chart

Find out your destiny in this life, as foretold in the combination of numbers within the date on which you arrived into this world. This is not your general numerology analysis! This is an in-depth and detailed analysis even including yearly, monthly and daily predictions. Find out what the latest and most advanced numerology systems can say about you.
75 page report by email. $24
chinese astrology life destiny chart

- detailed information on your chinese animal
- affects on your health
- compatibility with other animals
- predictions for each year in the 12 year cycle
21 page report by email. $24

All charts are professionally prepared by Your Stars magazine.
Receive all your charts at the same time and save... all 4 charts for only $65.