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I am an experienced, trusted yet established Psychic and Clairvoyant, tarot reader, who has worked on one of Australias first established psychic phone lines. I connect quickly, connecting with my spirit team. I have advanced training from “Imagine Spirit” Academy Arts USA.
I can tune into the year ahead, with that most probable outcome in Relationships, Career and Family and hone in on any hopes or fears you might want to share and question. My readings will always leave you feeling empowered, refreshed and most of all answers you are seeking.
I find endless joy + passion sharing my guidance with so many that wish to connect with me.
Brightest blessings ~ G

Freecall 24 hrs on 1800 024 024
20 minute readings $69 inc GST


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Firstly, I would like to make it very clear that I do NOT review any service or product I buy, however I felt compelled to do so this time. I did not think I would find someone as genuine online as Gillian, and I know she was sent from a higher place. I'm into spiritualism and know I have a good sense of people, my surroundings, myself and people. I can most definitely say Gillian's work is 100% professional outstanding, authentic and warm. Will be back to call you Gillian. She's a STAR.

Gillian is a positive, honest reader from a higher plane as thought she can see down the phone line to look at my life. Gillian is very clear on what she receives from her higher source and was able to ease my anxiety with my future and financial security. If you want an honest up front reading, don't hesitate to call Gillian for reassurance and future direction, you will get honest answers. Thankyou Gillian for helping me so much, you have single handed given me confidence & a sense of security and contentment.

Thanks for the reading about the lady of my interest, you've given me hope and you seem to be gifted with what you do. I've had lots readings about beccy & J so far your the most accurate.

Cheers Gillian for your insight, your vision of the Gold bar was amazing. Your a good reader with real spiritual vison.

Thank you Gillian for my fab reading! Your answers were direct & clear, no sugar coating, which I appreciate. Thank you for providing clarity on all my queries. I will be back in contact to update you on the puppy & other situations. Blessings to you.

What an amazing reader - you picked up immediately on everything I wanted help with, and read the situation as though you were looking down on it. You are truly gifted Gillian, and I was actually quite blown away at times with your insight and accuracy. Thank you so much.

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